Mikko Haapasaari paints landscapes with camera

Fine Art Photographer Mikko Haapasaari uses camera like a brush to convey picturesque nature images of different moods and atmospheres.

He captures the true essence of nature and it's beauty at the shooting moment - nothing in the picture is altered by post-processing.

The rhythm of the images is generated by abstract details of the movement, lights and shades. His art leaves room for the viewers insights of imagination.
Mikko Haapasaari transmits an athmosphere through the pictures. Effects he creates already at the shooting point. "I don't want to change the mood of the images afterwards in any way."

He's shoots a lot with long-focal length and isn't that much interested of the traditional wide-angle landscapes. He is more into detail.

"Transmitting the atmosphere of the scenery is the single most important thing to me, way above the all the technical aspects. I might even deliberately wave the camera to add some paint-like effect to the image."

"It's all about the camera: the image processing may support the picture, but never change its essence."


Besides nature, Mikko also shoots portraits and events.